Interesting Responses to A Faithful Response

I am responsible for creating the website, "A Faithful Response to the NRA Convention" for Faith Forward Dallas, which contains information about our Prayer Vigil, as well as our Policy Statement. I'm starting to receive feedback from this statement, and shall we say, the crazies are out?!!

Comment received yesterday at 11:19 pm from Fred: "I read the position statement. I clicked on the links included in that statement that I assume are intended to support statements made. A shocking number of statements made in that position statement are either refuted, or at the very least are not substantiated, by the information found on those webpages. It is so disappointing to find misinformation being spread, but especially by faith groups. Not only does that hinder finding successful solutions to the problems we face, but when the truth is encountered, it drives people away from faith communities. Thou shall not lie. Thou shall not bear false witness."

Not really sure which statements have been refuted or non-substantiated because he didn't tell me. But we're certainly not trying to spread misinformation. 

Comment received today at 6:00 am from Susan: "Your petition is a weakly written and poorly researched, deceptive crock of shit. All the sources you name are old and out of date. Things are taken out of context. It is written with a totally anti-gun bias. And it's wrapped up in FAITH. How dare you use churches and faith to push your leftist propaganda. And ask people to blindly sign. BTW, lose the pale gray type it's so f****** hard to read."

No comment.

More to come ...